Garabatos Atelier

is a Queer Feminist Collective and Art Studio in Bremen.

We are currently 5 queer people with different backgrounds and areas of focus, but the common desire to build and share a safer space for our artistic work. Since October 2022 we have finally found our creative ‘home’ in the Bohnenstraße in Bremen Viertel.

We work partly on common projects, but also independently on our own artistic production, with a wide variety of different techniques and materials that allow us to get inspired by one another. From traditional printmaking to digital illustration, sculpture, photography, large-scale painting or object art.

What unite us? We are queer, weird, emotional, curious, sometimes scientific-intellectual or blunt to the point: just like our art!

When can you visit us?

During our opening hours you can:

-Come by and take a look 👀

-Chill and have a coffee or cold drink ☕️

-Ask questions, spin some ideas or get inspired 💡

-Get infos about upcoming events, workshops or new projects 🗓

-Meet and connect with other creative Queeriows 💥

-If you want, work on your latest creation yourself, draw, write, paint, built, sculpt… 🎨

-Snoop around and take home some goodies: postcards, zines, prints, sticker & more..🌈

🔥Also coming up:

10. – 12. November 2023

Back / Slash

An Exhibition from the Zentrum für Kollektivkultur

on the topic of patriarchal violence

Hagstraße 1 // 2. OG Kabagebäude
12:00 – 18:00 hrs.
More infos:

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Workshops anyone..?

Mini-Print Workshop Series

Through the Mini Print Workshop Series we want to introduce the vast world of Printmaking to people of all ages. Every Workshop will showcase different printing techniques at an entry level and provide a hands-on experience to the participants.

Printmaking is an artistic process based on the principle of transferring images from a matrix or plate onto another surface, like paper or fabric. With a selection of traditional, contemporary or experimental materials and techniques, while focusing on small formats, this workshop series aims to provide a basic understanding to the concept of printing and reproduction itself, as well to explore it’s multiple possibilities that can be applied when creating unique and personalised designs, art pieces, posters, cards and more.

This Workshop Series is sponsored by the Senator for Culture Bremen.

18. November 2023

#Drypoint etching

Drypoint etching is an intaglio printmaking process. Unlike traditional etching, drypoint etching does not use acid. Instead, the plate is scratched directly with a sharp tool, creating fine lines and textures. These lines create a burr that holds ink, meaning that the print reveals the drawing. Intaglio printmaking is the opposite of relief printmaking as it is the positive marks that are printed rather than the areas that are left behind.

After the plate is engraved, it is inked and then printed on paper or another printing medium. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the basics of drypoint etching and will be able to try out different materials such as Tetrapak, Rhenalon and acrylic plates.

Each Workshop is intended to print a small Edition of 5-10 copies. All materials needed will be provided.

The workshop will be conducted in a small-scale setting, with a maximum of 10 participants and it is open for all 14 or older.

It will take place on Saturday the 18.11. // 14:00 – 18:00 hrs.

At Garabatos Atelier: Bohnenstraße 7, 28203 Bremen

You can register by sending an email to:

Participation fee: 5€ to 20€ based on self-assessment and financial possibilities. If the participation fee is an obstacle for you, contact us and we will find a solution together.


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FLINTA* only events!

Every month we host a FLINTA* Life drawing / Clay modelling session! 🎉🌈

Come by with or without specific skills or prior knowledge. The event should not resemble a drawing course or provide technical instructions. We want to be respectfull with each other, exchange ideas and have a nice afternoon. Registration is not necessary.

We will have some material available like paper, clay and divers drawing pencils as well as other tools and pens or brushes. But feel free to bring your favourite stuff if you want. 😊

Please come in time so we can close the door and curtains for privacy when we start. 

Drinks will  be available for a donation 🧃

The room is barrier-free to a limited extent (basement access via a small ramp and stairs, door width 92cm – photos on request). The toilet is not barrier-free)

You can donate around 5€ for material, space and model, if you can. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. 💜

See you soon!!! 🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Next on:


This event is sponsored by the Senator for Culture Bremen
 FLINTA* stands for Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Trans and Agender.

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Queer.topiaColours of Community

Queer-Feminist Photo Calendar

Released in Bremen since 2021

Eine Bunte Mischung

Carpeta gráfica

An International Printmaking

Portfolio cooperation.

16 Artist / 14 Prints

México – Bremen (2020)

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Get in touch!

Are you still curious or have something in mind… ?

We will be happy to hear from you 🙂

Send us an E-mail

Bohnenstraße 7
28203 Bremen

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